Auto Accidents

Massage Therapy for Auto Accidents 

Please contact me at (312) 351-5245 if you are looking for help to manage and work through pain after an auto accident!

Please contact your care provider to get a prescription for Manual  Therapy. Once that is in hand we can move forward with massage sessions as perscribed. 

Medpay Medical Massage 

Did you know that most car insurance companies have Medpay benefits that are included with your coverage? You may be eligible to receive Medical Massage with no out-of-pocket cost.  "Medical Payments to Others" (often called Medpay) covers the medical payments of all passengers in your vehicle if they are injured in an accident. Medpay will cover the medical costs resulting from an auto accident, regardless of who was at fault. Colorado requires every Colorado driver to be offered at least $5,000 coverage. Policy holders may reject this coverage. However, if the insurance company fails to provide signed documents, the insurance company must provide coverage for that claim. 


How can Medpay benefit you?  

After emergency services are covered the remaining balance of the unclaimed proceeds can be used towards payment of injury related medical expenses. This can include Chiropractic, Medical Massage, Physical Therapy, and Acupuncture. Since injury can occur during accidents at impacts low as 10 mph, we recommend starting treatment as soon as possible to avoid long term damage such as headaches, migraines, scar tissue, whiplash, and shock.  

(Application of time of service discount is not available for Medical Massage rates)